About Us

Vinto the Brand

Our brand was launched with the ambitious intention to enhance your quality of life! Be it for the individual who wants to enjoy a cleaner smoke… or a smoke without the harsh smells – Vinto Vape was creatively designed to cater for your lifestyle! We want to help You take care of You…be ready to make a change, make the switch… try something new!

More about Vinto

Our company has several years of experience in the electronic cigarettes market, by being the licenced distributor of one of the most well-known American brands. Vinto is available and supported world-wide by our network of distributors and retail outlets.

Vinto Mission

Our mission is to offer you the comfort of world-wide product availability, supported by a multilingual, quick and efficient customer service. We are determined to produce and supply high quality electronic cigarettes and cartomizers for your enjoyment. We keep our service at exceptional standards to ensure we deliver to your expectations in this ever growing market.

Exquisite flavour

Vinto’s team understands that vaping is such a change in your life. We are keeping it simple by providing you with an easy-to-use e-cigarette, giving you the opportunity to change, and keep, your smoking habits at the same time. Vinto’s number one aim is to offer you well researched and perfected flavours to indulge and satiate your palate… make your vaping experience a most pleasant one with Vinto Vape….

More freedom

Traditional Cigarettes definitely hinder your ability to relax amongst family and good friends over good meals… Vinto created a product that can be your companion in all those moments. Is there anything more delightful than marrying 2 of your favourite and relaxing pleasures? Trust Vinto Vape to return you to the comfort of your life’s pleasures….

High vapour quantity

The vapour created by our Cig-A-Like device will surprise you. Every mouthful will be complimented by a gush of creamy vapour. As a Vaper, you have just upgraded your lifestyle with your environment now smelling more pleasantly, and your car and house remaining odourless.